Canva Video Editor Tutorial For Beginners in 2023

So let’s talk about the canva video editing interface Over here you’ll see all the templates and all the different options you’ve got there some are free some are pro and you have to pay for those obviously but they’ve got a huge range and that is what is always really cool about canva.

This main area here is where you’ll be editing your video we call this the canvas and that is where you’ll see your video and all the changes you’ll get to make to it down below is traditionally called the video timeline and that is where you can put all your different clips you can trim them.

You can cut them you can start to really build a narrative down there we’ve also got the menu bar up the top here this will change as you edit and you’ll see some of the functionality in different tools you get to use up there as well.

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How to Import a Video in Canva

First up, we want to bring in our footage so we can play with something we can edit with something to make something awesome.

You go over here to the uploads, click on the videos, and I’ve already uploaded some different material over here, as you can see, but what you do is just click on upload files, and there it gives you access straight away to your hard drive and all your videos.

You can also click here on those three dots to give you options to Google Drive. Dropbox Facebook and Instagram so I’m going to grab my main footage here and I’m going to put it in here it automatically plonks it right there and it starts to auto-play as well.

So you can just pause it if you want to stop that as you can see it’s created the footage is there down there on the timeline and you can scroll sideways to see the full length of the clip.

You can also zoom in and out like this Image on your canvas and that just gives you a better perspective of what you’re working with you can also click on this Zoom page down here that will zoom in and out on your timeline there.

So you can keep it all in one section or you can get granular and zoom into specific seconds or frames.

How to Edit & Trim Footage in Canva

So now that we’ve got our primary footage in let’s go ahead and remove any of the bad takes and mistakes and any of the stuff that we don’t want to have in our video.

We’re going to hit play and watch through and listen to our footage and work out the bits we want to remove we can grab this little triangle here and just scrub along and find the spot which can be a lot quicker than just watching it all the way through.

Now if this is indeed the place where I want to start the video I simply right-click the split page There we have it it’s cut my main clip into two clips.

If this is all just bad takes or me getting ready for the shoot as you can see it is handed in front of the lens, We don’t want any of that to look terrible let’s just go ahead and hit delete.

What do you want to do after you make edits like that is just always play it back to see if you’re happy with the outcome Hello, and well, there’s a little bit of a pause there,

so what we can do is use the trimming function, and if you hover your mouse just at the beginning of the clip, you’ll see that Arrow pop up, and you can just simply move it along. Let’s play it back.

So what we’re left now is with our primary content and the perfect Pista camera that I want to use for my edit okay so now you’ve gone through and you’ve edited down your primary footage

How to Add B-roll or Overlay Footage in Canva

The next step is to bring in any B-roll or overlay footage. Now, this is one thing with Canva that is a little bit more complicated because they don’t let you layer video clips on top of each other, which is normal for other editing software. I’m hoping that’s a feature that they bring in soon, but there is a workaround, so don’t worry if I can show you how to do it.

So after my little intro piece here, I go on to talk about coffee, and I want to show off some of my beautiful b-roll footage. Boom, and Drag and Drop this Footage.

Next, you want to go up to your pair of scissors up here. Click on there and find the section that you want to use. If I scroll along, hey there we go. There is a bearded man drinking classes around the world, and we’re going to trim it right down till the end of the sit there we go. I’m so happy with that trimming I’m going to hit done.

Does have audio that is and you can just go up here click on the volume and click mute.

Now add in any b-roll where you feel necessary and make your video edit look as awesome as it possibly can. Okay, so now you’ve got your b-roll in.

How to Add Titles & Texts in Canva

The next step is to Add in any titles or text you want in your videos this is something the camera does really well they’ve got loads of presets and everything is built in here to help you create some amazing-looking titles.

so we’re going to come over here to text and we can just add basic text such as a heading or a subheading.

we scroll down there are loads of templates and options here, as you can see here some of these have this little crown that says Pro that is on the paid plan you can only use those if you pay up but the good news is there are lots of free options as well.

let’s move it down here, like, so let’s change the color, let’s make it a bit more Primal Vibes is going on. Let’s change the font over here. There are lots of different options to choose from and effects. I want a bit of background on that, and it can work with it and play with it, like, so I can have it on two lines, stretch it, and have it on one with lots of different options. We can also give the text a background.

So perhaps we change the text to white, and then we can find a background, and we can head over to elements and add in a shape, like so again, we can resize this to fit, and we can change the background color. Let’s give myself a little bit more breathing room now, As you can see, we’ve got a basic title there, and

How to Add Animation in Canva

Now we can even get fancier than that; we can make it look extra professional by animating it, so if we select our text like, we can go up to animate it here, and from there, you’ve got all these different options.

So now that I’ve got breath in there, you can also even do that to our background, and you can rise. Rise and breathe that sound that sounds like me.

Rise and breathe there we go, and now if we go back to our timeline, we’ve got one second, and then our title comes off, and then we’ve even got it removed, so that is super cool. As you can see, my title came on and off.

You can choose for it to just come on and then remain on enter, exit, or both. I’ve got it on both because I just love animation that much.

How to Add Effects & Transitions in Canva

Now we’re going to add any effects or transitions into our clips to spice up this edit. Now you can see between all of our clips down here. If you just hover, you’ve got some options.

You can add a page like that and put whatever you like onto that page, or you can add in a transition, as you can see here. If I click on that, I’ve got all these different options.

I can do a dissolve. I can do a slide circle white color white line white. There are lots of different options there, although

How to Create a Zoom Cut Transition in Canva

All these transitions look very cool. I must admit that I don’t use them as a video editor that often I do much prefer either a hard cut or if we’ve got two pieces to the camera here cut or jutting up against each other.

what you can do to make it a little bit more seamless is simply make the second one a little larger so that when you play them together it almost looks like you’ve got a different camera slightly more zoomed-in option and let’s have a look at that these days it just breaks it up nicely.

So that is how I often transition and you might like to do that too but please by all means if you want to have some fun with these transitions then go for it hmm that is kind of cool

How to Adjust Speed in Canva

Another video effect that can be handy when you’re in the edit, especially with your b-roll footage, is speeding up or slowing down your footage.

To do that, you simply click on the footage you want to playback, and you can speed up or slow down. To speed up, move this slider to there, and it can double the speed.

To slow down, slide it the other way, and as you can see, you can slow your footage down. I’m going to leave it at one.

How to Add Audio in Canva

So if you come over here on the audio there’s a lot of different music that is inside of canva You can see some of it is paid on the Pro Plan and some you’ll find as well will be free if you hit all and you dig deep you will find some free options as well for me personally where I go for my music so that I have no licensing issues is too artless and to epidemic sound.

How to Adjust Audio in Canva

The Next Step then is to adjust your volume levels this is something that canva does a pretty good job of of getting your primary footage to that right volume level but if you do find it needs adjusting you can click on the individual clip.

How to Color Correct in Canva

Now one thing any good editor will do right before they export their video out is colour correct.

They’ll go through their clips and they’ll make sure that the color is as good as it can be and the contrast brightness has all of those fine details. So let me show you how to do that. First, you click on the clip you want to color correctly.

Make sure it’s selected in the canvas. Go to edit the video. Click on this section here. Adjust. From there, you can adjust the warmth. You can make it warm or a little bit cooler. You can adjust the T. That’s very touchy.

contrast highlights Shadows fade as you get the picture. You can also put on some pretty cool effects.

How to Add Filters in Canva

Now the filters aren’t bad; sometimes they can be over the top, but let’s check them out on one of my B-roll clips here, which is a pretty good example of how they can work,

So we’ve got a nice tight shot there, and let’s just go through them and see what they can look like again. Make sure your video is selected in the canvas, I’m just scrolling through them, and you should start to see the differences.

One looks a bit over the top, and the other is also pretty full. If we click on See All, we can see the huge range of different sorts of filters they’ve got, and you can go for that real Instagram-type vintage look or even black and white.

How to Add Graphics & Use Templates in Canva

So that’s the core editing functionality here in Canberra but one of the other power areas of Kamba is some of the templates and graphics and things that it lets you create that you can use in your videos.

How to Export or Save Your Project from Canva

Now that your video is done, let’s go ahead and save it. You want to come up here to this share button, and then you click on download.

You want to have an MP4 video selected, and then just hit the download button, and your video is going to save, and it will let you download it to your computer.

AI Tools in Canva

Canva continues to update and add new tools and functions to its platform, and I want to run you through a few of those right now. What I love at the moment is Beatsync. Let me show you how that works.

So we’ll start with a blank video, and I’m just going to put some of my pre-uploaded videos into the timeline just here, and I’m going to make them all about five and a half seconds long just so that it is neat, and I guess the AI can recognize and work with what we’ve got down there.

So I’ve got my video clips down here in the timeline. As you can see, the next thing we do is simply head over to audio. I chose a lot of my music from the art list, and I’ve uploaded one of the tracks there.

I’m just going to place it on my timeline, and as you can see, it’s placed underneath the videos right there. Now all we have to do is head up to this button here called Beatsync. Click on that now there are a couple of options to work with here on the free version.

You can click display beat markers and that will indicate exactly where the beat markers are, and you can manually just trim your clips so that they cut the markers and cut to the beat. That way, it’s an effective way, and that works just as well over here on the left, you’ll see this button here.

Now you’ll see the crown, which means it is a paid feature. You click here and it automatically moves the clips to the beat. Pretty awesome. Let’s see how good it does sound. it’s pretty spot on, which is an amazing function considering it’s just a click of the button. Another awesome feature that Canva now has available is the one-click video background remover. Let me show you how that works.

First, you’ll need two videos to work with. You’ll need your background, and you’ll need the shot you want to go on top of. In this instance, I want it to be this shot. Now, it does help if the video you’re removing the background from is nice and simple, like this one. I’ve got a nice white background, and that is really where the effect works.

The busier it is, the harder the AI is going to have to work to remove the background. If the background is well-lit again, it will be even easier for the function to work. So I’ve got my top video there, and then you head up to the edit video button on your toolbar from the side panel. Click background remover again, a paid feature. wait for it to process, which isn’t long, and there you have it.

It’s automatically removed the background, and if I play it from our timeline down here, you’ll see both clips moving, and you’ll see that it’s pretty good. You’ll see a little bit of the background that’s stuck to the fingers here and a little bit under the camera, but all in all, it’s pretty solid.

You can also adjust some of the features up here, and you can see there. I can adjust the brightness, contrast, and highlights. I can bring up shadows and fade them, and that will help to blend your top video with your bottom video if needed.


So Today it has been told in this blog post how to edit and create a video in canva, step by step complete information has been given along with it, canva ai is also told, so if you have any problem with this, then comment below. Do.

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