Digital marketing vs Traditional marketing

Digital marketing vs Traditional marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a marketing aspect that involves online technology such as digital media and different digital marketing channels to promote products and services. The way people interact with the brand has changed over time, and with the emergence of the Covid-19 virus, digital marketing trends have increased as before.
According to Hubspot, 96% of consumers know more about online brands. As an international digital agency with clients around the world, we can support it. With this change in consumer behavior, it becomes more important than before to focus on digital strategies to promote brands and connect with potential customers using the internet and other forms of digital communication. You will be surprised to know that text and multimedia messages are also marketing channels such as email, SEO, social media, and web-based advertisements. Read this guide about the PPC campaign strategy.

Conversely, digital marketing … well … digital. Digital marketing is whatever marketing is done by the company online, such as paid social media advertisements, email marketing, and PPC advertisements. Digital marketing has become very popular because of cultural, technology, and social changes around us. Tweets that are promoted, influencers, and delicious videos are examples of digital marketing and how wide it is. Even googling “What is Tiktok?” is evidence of effective digital marketing. When the world becomes more digital, the way we market has developed. Not only digital marketing is sometimes more cost-effective than traditional, but also a more direct way to connect to the target audience globally. Digital marketing is very important for business today. This is routine for consumers to conduct research and make purchases online. Only this week, I have been looking for a lunch place, giving a sofa price, and choosing an eye doctor – all using the internet.

Digital marketing tutorials in Hindi as the name suggest, it is a kind of marketing. Digital is attached to that, it means doing online marketing using digital, gadgets. In changing times, how to do all work is changing. Here two words have been used. Both words are very popular words.


Here digital means the computer and the internet which is an electronic device. Like bread cloth, computers, and the internet also join the needs. At this time we all need an internet and cellular connection or laptop. It seems that nothing is incomplete without the internet. Today we and you meet on this website just because of the internet.


Marketing in Hindi means marketing. But even pure Hindi like that is not understood. You all must know the meaning of marketing. Means marketing to achieve product or service information to consumers. Some people understand marketing which means sales. Not like that at all. But some companies completed sales only from marketing people. The role of marketing and sales is different. Promoting products or services with the help of computers and the internet is called digital marketing. In this case, it is very easy to target customers. Offline advertisements such as newspapers, handbills, and hoarding in all of this, the company see all its advertisements. But in digital, only SIRF target customers see advertisements.

There are three types of digital media:

1. Earned Media

The media obtained is the publicity experienced by the company by word of mouth in the online environment.
As obtained by the media is an organic range, it becomes one of the most critical forms of media for brands. When people talk about the brand itself, there is a great opportunity for better visibility and customer loyalty.

2. Owned Media

The media owned is a form of digital media held by the company forever. This marketing channel is very important to involve users and lead maintenance. Content of websites, blogs, social media pages, videos, YouTube channels, etc., which are controlled by the company with its name, is a form of media that is owned.

3. Paid Media

Paid media is the achievement obtained by the brand with payment. Because organic range requires time and is sometimes limited, brands use paid media to reach more audiences and create awareness of brands or generations of leaders. Therefore, paid media is one of the most effective marketing channels for promoting your brand on the web, and a good campaign in the right channel can bring extraordinary results.

Why Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing provides better results at lower costs and you can also track advertising campaigns. At present people have a shortage of time. In such situations, do not pay attention to advertisements in the landfill or news parking places. This is the reason for the existence of digital marketing. Over time everyone starts online and wants to be too. Everyone uses computers and the internet for their work. There are many reasons behind people who are online means using the internet. Some such reasons are given below,

  • New products, services, places, information institutes
  • To answer your question about a topic
  • for education
  • Matrimonial assistance
  • job vacancy
  • New business ideas
  • Advertising ideas
  • Online business
  • Cellular recharge and bill payment
  • Train reservation
  • Purchase of product sales

What does a digital marketer do?

Digital marketers are people who are responsible for the awareness of company brands and leading generations with all digital platforms. This digital platform will include company websites, search engine rankings, emails, display advertisements, and social media on company blogs.
Digital marketers focus on the main performance indicators for each particular channel so that they can correctly measure company performance with each platform. For example, a digital marketer responsible for SEO measuring organic traffic of the company’s site- traffic from website visitors who arrive on the page through Google search. Digital marketing is carried out in many roles in marketing today. In a small brand, a generalist can have a majority of digital marketing strategies. While in large companies, this strategy can be handled by many specialists who focus on various more substantial channels of the company.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

  • The international-platform audience online allows you to find prospective new buyers globally for simple small investments. Affordable Costs- Digital marketing strategies that are well targeted can reach the right buyers at a much more affordable price than a distinctive traditional marketing strategy. This is very useful for branding.
  • It’s easy to get feedback from customers.
  • Changing questions into sales quickly and easily.
  • Reduce overall costs.
  • Reporting is easy.

What is traditional marketing?

Traditional marketing is the process of meeting the target audience’s needs using offline channels and generating profits from them. In simpler terms, traditional marketing refers to the satisfaction of the needs and desires of consumers through marketing channels that exist before individuals have access to modern digital platforms. This involves fulfilling 4P marketing without using digital marketing channels. This traditional marketing mixture includes:

  • Building products that operate and meet customer demand online. For example, AC, Washing machine.
  • Use offline distribution channels to reach customers.
  • Promoting products using offline channels such as TV, radio, newspapers, etc.

The significant difference between digital and traditional marketing is how the audience meets marketing messages. And traditional marketing uses conventional media which includes magazines and newspapers, print, broadcast, telemarketing, or direct letters to involve the audience and expand reach. Friends, we walked in the past when there were no internet facilities. You must have seen that before 2000, the internet is not widely used. Even Facebook, the Whats application, and Instagram did not even come at that time. Traditional business, friends, at that time, if people have to buy something for a particular purpose, then people must roam from this store to the store. Then every customer knows to get the item. In different shops, shop owners usually charge different product fees and rob as many customers. Because at that time people had to get their own shop rental, servant salaries, and their own profits. Therefore they used to rob as many people as they wanted.

Traditional marketing includes marketing methods that can be used without the internet. This is a method that has existed for decades and is usually used more rarely now. However, they are not without strength.

Why Traditional Marketing?

Traditional marketing vs. Digital marketing is always one of the most spoken topics. Traditional marketing is defined as marketing that does not require the internet for advertising purposes. This method has developed for a very long time, for decades. However, due to technological advances, its use is very limited.

Traditional marketing is important because it reaches an audience that spends time far from their computers and smartphones. It can also reach a wider audience if you place advertisements in the public area visited by many people regularly. Posting a billboard or bus advertisement throughout the area can build brand awareness and attract more potential customers. If one of your business goals is to attract local audiences, traditional marketing efforts such as television and radio advertisements, print materials or newspaper advertisements can connect you with local audiences and make you better known by community members.

We hear and see a lot of advertisements every day on television, in the newspaper, or on the radio while casually starting our daily routine. When we come out, we can see marketing advertisements like that on leaflets all over the road. We can also see big banners for movie advertisements on every road. The film ad is also one type of marketing. This helps film production companies to attract the attention of people who walk across the street. Therefore, there are advertisements and banners everywhere in all nations.
Language may differ depending on the country or region. For example, if we take Mumbai, advertising may be in English and Hindi. So, that’s how traditional marketing works. The main goal is to attract humans in all possible ways without using the internet.

Four traditional marketing methods

There are many types of traditional marketing methods:-

1. Handouts

Handouts are usually printed documents, such as leaflets or brochures, which can promote businesses, events, or sales. You can make this leaflet to be displayed in the public area visited by community members regularly to tell them about promotional events that take place in your place. Brochures can provide details about the company or explain the features of a product, which you can share at the event or when visiting clients.

2. Billboards

You can usually find billboards along the highway or main road. They display advertisements and company graphics. Creative billboard advertisements can make it easier for your audience to recognize and remember your brand. The billboard can reach many audiences from various locations, which can be useful if your goal is to get recognition of local or national brands.

3. Direct mail

Direct Marketing of Letters Sends print materials such as letters or postcards to potential customer addresses that live in your target area. You can send a letter directly to the people who have expressed their interest in the company or product. Another option is sending direct letter items to community members who live close to the business. This direct letter material can build their awareness about the company and help them realize how comfortable their homes are with business

4. Broadcasting

Another way to get local or national recognition is to create advertisements for radio and television. You can create and sell creative advertisements that help customers learn more about the brands and products you sell. Hearing or seeing this broadcast advertisement can interfere with listeners and viewers, which can make them examine the company or contact you to learn more.

Benefits of Traditional Marketing

  • It’s easier to reach the local audience. Broader reach. Permanent and close marketing mode
  • Can be trusted.
  • Materials that can be reused
  • Credibility
  • Brand exposure
  • Audience growth

Digital marketing vs Traditional marketing

  • Digital Marketing

    • Online advertising.
    • Search Engine Optimisation.
    • Online Content and Blogging.
    • Web PR.
    • Social Media Management and Listening.
    • Mobile Marketing.
    • Web Analytics.
  • Traditional Marketing

    • The traditional markets are owned, built, and managed by the government or local.
    • A system of bargaining between the seller and the buyer. …
    • The place of business is diverse and united in the same location. …
    • Most of the goods and services offered are locally made.

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