How to Enable Internet Speed Meter For PC

Hey People, today in this tutorial, I will show you guys how to Enable an Internet Speed Meter For PC, so you just need to follow me.

Now we had previously done an article on How to enable internet speed meter for pc. And while plenty of you guys loved it, the problem is that the same software hasn’t been updated to work with Windows 11 Well, fret not for we have a workaround for that. This is one from guiding tech and in today’s article, I’ll show you how you can easily get a real-time internet speed meter for pc into the Windows Internet speed meter on Taskbar for free without any issues.

You can see the speed of your internet by using WhatsApp, Facebook, and Download anything on your mobile, but there is no such setting in your PC that you can start and see the internet speed, but today we will tell you how to enable internet speed meter in pc.

Basic Details –

Internet Speed Meter For PC that reveals the download and upload speed of your internet connection in real-time, also run in the system tray

Windows do not display integrated tools to monitor upload speeds and download your internet connection. One example is a clean net speed meter pc.

Download internet speed meter for pc App

Alright, so first things first, the tool that we’ll be making use of this time around is called net speed monitor, even download it from the link down below.

How to set net speed meter pc

So You Are SET Internet Speed Meter For PC So Read Below.

Just double-clicking on the app to launch it allows you to see the speed monitor loaded on your screen. But that’s not what we want. Right, we want it down on the taskbar, not this pop-up window. And don’t worry, there are some settings that we will have to tinker around with to get the ideal result that we want.

Internet Speed Meter For PC

For that, right-click on the traffic monitor icon in the taskbar and click on the Show Main window. 

Now this will disable the current net speed monitor window that was shown at the beginning. Now again, right-click on the net speed monitor icon in the taskbar and click on the Show taskbar window and that’s it you should now get an Internet speed meter on Taskbar of Windows 11 Just like you wanted.

Internet Speed Meter For PC

Also, head over to the settings to play around with various fonts and colors. One thing that I’ve done is enable the autorun feature in the general settings. That way I don’t have to manually start the program every time I boot into Windows and then that was it.

Internet Speed Meter For PC

How to enable Internet Speed ​​Monitor in Windows 10?

  1. Right-click on Windows 10 taskbar.
  2. Select Toolbars from the Dropdown menu (the first option above).
  3. Click on a clean speed monitor to activate it.
  4. You will be taken to the welcome screen to monitor clean speed. Select the language of your
  5. choice and click save to confirm. You don’t need to mess up other options because everything is ready.1.

Use Of Internet Speed Meter for PC

Monitoring Uploading and Net Speed ​​Meter’s download speed displays information about the speed of the internet connection in front of your eyes, on your desktop. The speed meter pc is set to stay above all other open windows so you will not see the upload speed and download.  

Why should we use an internet speed meter?

The Internet speed meter on Taskbar app is an important tool to monitor your speed and internet usage. The internet speed meter app shows your internet speed in the status direction in the status bar and more information in the notification panel. You can see your internet speed at a glance without needing to open an app, making it easier to monitor your internet usage and stay within your data limits.  

Why Use Internet Speed Meter

speed meter PC use because NetSpeedMonitor is a free windows utility that allows you to check the internet speed on your system. With this tool, you can record use and easily compare statistics. In addition, this software can be a useful application for managing bandwidth restrictions and limits.

 Best Internet Speed Meter on Taskbar Apps for PC


Conclusion –

I hope, our top picks listed above have made it simple for you to choose the Best speed meter for pc. Bookmark our site to update more information about the application related to the application. Tech has an important role, so we knew about different apps that are best for you here.

If you have any query For real-time internet speed meter for pc ask us in the comments.

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