Find Pinterest Keywords List in 2023

In this Blog Post, we will talk about multiple Find Pinterest Keywords Lists, but of course, the best way to do keyword research will be listed at the end of this video.

So, tune in until the end to stick around for that particular method. Okay, without further ado, let’s dive into the first way to do keyword research. So the first way is actually through ads. Now hear me out over here You don’t have to necessarily purchase an ad or run a campaign to do keyword research.

Understanding the Power of Pinterest Keywords

However, there is a feature within the advertising campaign tool on Pinterest that allows you to do keyword research for your ads, but that keyword research is just as valid and unique for your pins as well. So let me show you on the computer where you are.

find those keywords using the advertising platform on Pinterest.

Pinterest Keywords List

Building Your Pinterest Keywords List

Discovering Broad Keywords

The core of your Pinterest keyword approach should be broad keywords. The substance of your material is encapsulated in these broad phrases. For instance, “quick recipes” or “easy meal ideas” may be general keywords if you blog about food.

Niche-specific Keywords for Targeted Audiences

To build your Pinterest keywords, you must search for the audience according to your niche.

In which you can know the profile of your Pinterest competitor and influence his audience.

Long-Tail Keywords: Unveiling Hidden Opportunities

Now that you have opened a new Pinterest account, you have to target short keywords with high competition, Otherwise, it will take a lot of time for you to rank on that short keyword.

So for that, you should find the long tail keywords and use them so that your keywords will get ranked soon, Yes some long tail keywords get less traffic but it will increase your ranking.

Pinterest Keywords List

Tools to Elevate Your Pinterest Keyword Game

Pinterest Keywords List

Pinterest’s Guided Search

The best way to research Pinterest keywords is “Pinterest’s Guided Search” in which Pinterest itself tells you which are the trending keywords according to your niche and working on them brings good traffic.

Third-Party Keyword Research Tools

You can do keyword research from third-party websites, but you have to find keywords on only one website, If you keep changing it alternately, then all third-party websites work on different concepts, and then you will see different results. Will be confused.

So if you talk about third-party websites, you can use “Samrush, Ashraf, and Google Keyword Planner“.

There is an option in all these that you can remove the main keyword of your main keyword group by adding the URL of the Pinterest website in the group filter and you can also extract the keywords related to it on Pinterest.

Implementing Keywords: Your Step-by-Step Guide

  • Board Titles and Descriptions
  • Crafting Captivating Pin Descriptions
  • Utilizing Keywords in Your Profile

Monitoring and Adapting Your Keyword Strategy

Analyzing Pin Performance

Now it comes to the point that you have posted a post on Pinterest, now you do not want to leave that post, you have been updating it for some time.

But how to update them, Then you have to see the performance of that particular Pinterest post on Pinterest and add the keyword that is getting more impressions in your description.

Fine-Tuning Your Keyword Selection

And you have to gradually take your keywords from low competition to high competition.

So the benefit from this is that if you get traffic on low-competition keywords, then if you keep using the same volume keywords, Pinterest will not grow, then you have to gradually target high-competition and high-volume keywords.

Best keywords for Pinterest 

According to your niche in Pinterest, the best keyword is the same which is visible in the performance of your Pinterest account, you will get a lot of benefits by working on it.

Pinterest Most Searched Keywords

You will find the most searched keywords of Pinterest in the keyword analysis of Pinterest. These are the most searched keywords on Pinterest.

Pinterest keywords for aesthetic wallpaper

  • Aesthetic Edit App
  • Blog backgrounds
  • Aesthetic iPhone wallpaper
  • Aesthetic Anime
  • Cute cartoon wallpapers


Are keywords important on Pinterest?

Yes, the keyword is Must important on Pinterest.

How many keywords should I use per pin?

2-4 Best for keywords per pin to maintain a natural flow.

Can I edit my pin descriptions after posting?

Yes, You Can edit my pin descriptions after posting.


So in this blog post, there is the Find Pinterest Keywords List, which too step-by-step and which tool should not be used for keyword research, which tool is the best, and how to use it has been told about all of them.

And Seventeen Seven has also given you detailed information about how to rank new Pinterest pin posts.

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