How to Find the Best Fonts in Canva

in this Blog Post share with you six tips for you to find the best fonts in canva if you stick to Rede until the end of the Blog Post I’m going to show you how to save these fonts or to favorite these fonts in canva so that you can easily find them for future designs or future canva projects.

About Best Fonts in Canva

I am super happy to be with you today to learn about fonts and more particularly to learn how to find the best fonts from the canva font Library.

There are so many fonts, so this Blog Post is really about showing you how to surface the best ones at the end of the video I will show you a trick that will allow you to save these fonts.

so that the next time you use canva they will all be here at your disposal for you to use in your current projects, so without further Ado let’s just jump into the first tip on how to find the best fonts.

The Newest Monotype Fonts now available in Canva

My first tip is to dig into the new fonts that were recently added by canva after they struck their partnership with the Ford Foundry monotype. this partnership was announced that canva was created back in March of 2023 and the result of this partnership is that canva will be adding or has already added by now more than 1100 New funds that belonged to the monotype collection.

Monotype Fonts Baic Information

All right so this blog post right here found on the canva website gives us the TLDR of this agreement this partnership and I believe this partnership is really good news for us canva users and also typography lovers because it means one more Choice more fun choices but two access to some very.

I would say classic OG fonts that were in the monotype library and if you take the time to read this article you will see some of these names and some of these all-time favorite fonts like “Ariel, Avenir, Courier, Helvetica, Times New, romance”, etc…

How to Find the Best Fonts in Canva

So these are kind of like established well-known fonts that have been seen pretty much everywhere and the fact that you can now have access to them via canva which is where you love designing all sorts of designs is really good news.

Now one thing you should know is that not all of the fonts from this partnership will be available to free users some will be the privilege of Canva Pro users but still a good amount of these fonts of the 1100 and I don’t have the breakdown I don’t know how many are free versus Pro but there are a lot of free monotypes fonts as well.

All Information About Monotype Fonts

So let’s come back to our presentation right here and on this slide, I tried to gather all of the available information I could find about this partnership because unfortunately there is no way of searching canva for the monotype fonts

so if you type Monotype it’s not going render any results what I did here is that I read as many blog articles as possible about this partnership between Monotype and canva and tried to see if I could spot font names that were part of this agreement

and this is what I could figure out of the 1100 fonts 23 have been mentioned in the 10 or so blog posts that I read for you guys to figure out which were the new fonts.

How to Find the Best Fonts in Canva

How to save your favorite fonts in Canva

Foreign have our favorite fonts the funds that we love working with and I know for a fact that some of you would love to save or to favorite the fun that they use in canva so that they can easily access them because, at the end of the day, we can favorite a whole bunch of different things in canva

we could favorite templates if I like this template right here click on the three little dots and I could start this template to be added to my start folder similarly if you are under the elements tab and you like this Frame right here you can start this Frame you can begin to photos you can start videos you can star everything but not fonts alright

How to Find the Best Fonts in Canva

so if you go to your text and if you like a font combo you cannot start if you go to your text box right here you want to change the font to something else you cannot begin it so how could we save all of the fonts that we like so that we can use that in an easy way in canva

so remember this document let me show you these are all the different fonts I have been showing you throughout this tutorial okay let’s say I want to keep some of them some of them I didn’t like so much

so let me come back to my slide let’s say all of these are my favorite fonts okay so what I could do is have them all on one page like I do here and it doesn’t matter if they’re small or big

so if you have a lot you can make that list very small it doesn’t matter if you can read them correctly or not I would probably have them in at a reasonable size and I doubt that you will have more than I don’t know maybe 20 favorite fonts so this should work just fine then you can delete all of the other pages on your document okay boom gone and you can rename that okay

so this could be my favorite fonts okay Enter to save that and now you have a document with your favorite fonts okay let’s say these 23 are your absolute favorite fonts and that’s it the next time you will work on a canva document this is how you would do go back to your homepage create a new document let’s say you want to create an Instagram post so social media Instagram post create a text box okay I want to use one of my favorite fonts.

so how do I do this well easily go to your project find your favorite fonts right here add that page one to your document and add a new page there you go now you have added that page at the end of your project.

now you can click on your text box go to your fonts and you should see under the document fonts all of these favorite fonts that are right here on the last page let’s pick one randomly let’s say Gotham okay.

let’s see if it’s there click on your text box click on your text box right here and try to find Gotham under your document fonts there you go Gotham is right here this is my hack on how to favorite your font in canva now I know this is a hack this is not a star this is not a favorite but it works.

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