How to Make a Fillable pdf in Canva [in 2023]

So today we are going to tell you How to Make a fillable PDF in canva, canva is a multi-purpose website, and it is used for many things. People also use photo editing, make banners, make pdf, and other Office works, Do more canva and should also do it because there are many ready templates available, in which you can make your templates by editing a little.

but in this article, I will share How to make a fillable PDF in canva in Easy Steps.

Make a fillable PDF in canva

Fillable PDF can be created in Canva by simply dragging and dropping text boxes, checkboxes, and other form elements onto a blank canvas, and customizing them to match the look of the desired document.

so let’s start a full Tutorial on How to make a fillable PDF in canva.

How to Make a Fillable PDF in Canva

So we’ll be using canva to create your pdf if you aren’t using canva yet go to and create your account it’s free but if you’re going to be creating a bunch of graphics throughout your business which you probably are I highly recommend the canva pro paid version so much value there

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1. Create a design in Canva

Once you’re in a canva account the first thing you want to do is create a new design Here you can either choose an A4 or US letter document that’s normally the workbook size or the worksheet size or whatever size you need.

You can also choose the templates over here they already have the sizes covered here You can also use the custom size button this one so when you click create a design you can choose any of the suggested sizes or click custom size, For now, let’s do ‘us letter document‘ which is 8.5 by 11 inches

How to Make a Fillable pdf in Canva

2. Choose a Template

Next is the fun part You can either choose a template to start with from the selection on the left here or you can also start from scratch and create your brand in your design this option is completely up to you but if you’re like me I’d start with a template otherwise I’ll spend way too long trying to decide on a design.

So let me try this one you can also actually search over here I’m going to assume here that you’ve chosen a template to start with because it’s easier unless you are a designer most likely your template has some text filled in already like this one some images also so let’s change that overall canva is pretty self-explanatory you can change the colors text images you can either use canva images or upload your own.

How to Make a Fillable pdf in Canva

3. Save and Download

So once you’ve finished editing your whole pdf it’s time to save and download it so click the download or the share click share over here and hit download now click on the drop-down menu to make sure it says pdf standard or high quality but this will give you a much larger file so I recommend standard because most places where you will upload your file will have file size limits.

How to Make a Fillable pdf in Canva

4. Go to

Let’s make your PDF fillable what does this even mean It simply means that your clients and leads can download your workbook and type in it It’s super simple to do so let’s get to it Start by going to This is a free app that you can sign into with your google account

How to Make a Fillable pdf in Canva

5. Import PDF File

Now that you’re here click on the new document to upload the beautiful PDF you just downloaded from canva I told you you’d need easy access so click on upload or drag and drop your files just hit on upload.

How to Make a Fillable pdf in Canva

6. Edit Your Fillable pdf File

So once your pdf is uploaded click the manage field This one over here it’s to the left of the printer icon and this opens up the sidebar we need to create fillable fields Okay some buttons we’ll be using will be the text field button the paragraph field and sometimes the track field if you have checkboxes for the checklist like this one’s over here.

How to Make a Fillable pdf in Canva

7. Download Your Fillable pdf

So click on this drop-down menu here and you have to download export just click on that now it wants you to either download it to your computer drive or a classroom Dropbox One drive and for the content, it’s either document or audit trail, and the current version you have some choices over here so I’m just gonna do all this computer and document and just hit on download.

How to Make a Fillable pdf in Canva

Now you’ve got a beautiful fillable pdf and Solve your Question about How to Make a Fillable pdf in Canva, Now share the workbook for your new email subscribers and clients simply take the file you’ve just downloaded.

Advantages of Using Canva for Fillable PDFs

You can find many websites for making fillable PDFs, but some advantages of using Canva are that you will get templates of the type of PDF you want and that too easily editable.

The second advantage is that you do not have to pay to create or download a fillable PDF in Canva and there will be no watermark.

And the third advantage is that you will not have any problem in editing or creating PDFs because all the tools in Canva are easy to operate.


Can you make a fillable pdf in canva?

Yes, You can Make a Fillable PDF in Canva Esely. You Can Know More Information Visit How to make a fillable pdf in canva

How to share editable Canva file

Step 1: Open Canva and Login Your Canva Account
Step 2: Open this Design you Want to Share as an Editable
Step 3: Click the Share Button at the “Right Size top Corner”
Step 4: Now Click “Share Canva File” and share the File by Email Also Give a link To share this link.

Can I create fillable PDFs in Canva for free?

Yes, You Can create fillable PDFs in Canva for free in Very Easy Steps.

Conclusion –

How to Make a Fillable PDF in Canva is a great way to create a professional-looking and interactive document that can be used for a variety of purposes. It’s easy to do and can save you a lot of time compared to creating a PDF from scratch. With Canva’s drag-and-drop design tools, you can quickly create a PDF from a template and add features like text fields, checkboxes, and other interactive elements. Once you’ve finished designing your fillable PDF, simply export it as a PDF and share it with your audience.

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