How to Make Money by Selling Canvas Templates

Canva is One of the best platforms to Make Money, in this article we are going to How to Make Money by Selling Canvas Templates in order to Step by Step Guidance.

this is probably the easiest way to not just make money online but make passive income online I set up a secret Etsy shop and Within the first 30 days of opening your shop, you will start earning a lot. and How to Make Money by Selling Canvas Templates Today I will teach you to follow all the steps mentioned about it. So today I will Explain This Question.

Make Money Using Canva

How to Make Money by Selling Canvas Templates Using Canva Website easy way to make passive income online is through selling templates that you can create on canvas, the reason why this is so easy is for a few reasons is you’re using Canvas already pre-made templates as a starting point to build your own and you don’t have any prior design skills using their templates.

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So Let’s start This How to Make Money by Selling Canvas Templates Step by Step Guidence.

How to Make Money by Selling Canvas Templates

Choose Your Template Idea

let’s just get into canva and let’s see what templates they have available already so we’re going to use these templates as the jumping off point to create our templates so just hit templates and start browsing and see if there’s anything that catches your eye so you can just search through these categories up top so presentation templates social media.

Creating pinterest pin templates if you have a youtube channel maybe you want to create youtube thumbnails if you post on instagram a lot maybe you want to create instagram feed posts or story posts and How to Make Money by Selling Canvas Templates, so like i said it’s just going to make it a lot easier to make your product be a better template than what they can find for free on canvas.

So let’s just say that you have decided to create instagram templates and you are in the beauty niche if you guys are serious about creating digital products for sale.

Create and Sell Templates

Step 1: Sign up for Canva

However, as a Canva user and designer, you will find the Canva premium account’s many additional capabilities to be intriguing. For this reason, I advise any advanced Canva user to sign up for a pro account. Please feel free to sign up for Canva Pro using my special affiliate link, which offers a 45-day free trial if you don’t already have it (15 days more than the usual 30-day free trial period.)

Step 2: Select the Product you’ll sell in your store

Determine the types of things you want to sell in your store. Individuals arrive at this in different ways. For me, since I first established my store on my blog, I took into account the demands of my audience when developing a product range.

Step 3: Create Canva templates to sell

You can get ideas from the numerous pre-made layouts on Canva. But it’s one thing to be inspired by something, and quite another to just replicate it or use it as a template without making any changes.

Please stop selling templates for the time being if you are unable to create your own designs and instead concentrate on developing your design talents.

Do not let your inspiration dictate the design where you come off as a plagiarize and I prefer to design my templates using only free Canva elements and fonts.

Step 4: Prepare Canva template deliverables

  1. Get the sharable template link from the design.
  2. Create a PDF that will contain the sharable template link.
  3. Add the sharable template link to your PDF.
How to Make Money by Selling Canvas Templates
sharable template link from the Canva design

Step 5: Create product images

Because your purchasers cannot see the actual goods, you must design attractive product photographs to ensure that your products are appealing to your potential clients.

Please see my blog article where I explain some techniques for producing lovely product photos.

Step 6: Decide on your product price

Consider these while doing your research.

  • Similar design quality
  • How many pages or visuals there are in a template package as a whole (for instance, how many Instagram templates are included in an Instagram template product? If you have 40 templates and someone else is selling a bundle of 15 for $12, your product will obviously cost more.)

Step 7: List your Canva templates for selling

  1. Add your products on WooCommerce
  2. List your Canva templates on Etsy
  3. List your Canva templates on Creative Market

Step 8: Promote your products

How to Make Money by Selling Canvas Templates Promotring Pinterest is one of the ways I advertise my templates. I cherish Pinterest. In fact, this fantastic platform is where I get the majority of my consumers. Here are some strategies for using Pinterest to market your templates.

Make Sure It’S Profitable (where to sell canva templates?)

If you want that organic traffic or you don’t have an audience yet we are going to use Etsy to host our digital product. Because etsy already has a built-in audience and we’re going to use marmalade to make sure that people are actually searching for the template that you’re thinking of creating so you’re going to type in the broad keyword of your template.

Esty Website Main Page

just to make sure that people are searching for it so it’s saying that there are 494 monthly searches for this keyword term instagram template and there are over 400 people on a monthly basis engaging with listings that use this keyword now this tells me that yes people are definitely searching for instagram templates to purchase on etsy now i know that the competition is over 50 000 but we’re not going to worry about competition right now.

So now going to type in my more niche keyword for my instagram template okay so let’s take a look at this best seller now in order to see if this seller is actually making a good amount of sales we’re going to scroll down to the review section and we’re going to sort this listing by newest.

How to Make Money by Selling Canvas Templates
Sell Instagram Templates Price

Sell instagram templates on my secret etsy shop and i’ve made over a thousand dollars the first month that i open my shop so this is very doable and very likely and this is just on that one listing so you can imagine how quickly you can actually scale your etsy shop.

Make Better Offers, Effortlessly

Now you might be asking yourself how can i stand out from the competition while you’re looking at people’s listings in your similar niche you’re going to also think to yourself how can you make yours better what can you add to your product.

That wouldn’t take too much time or effort on your side but from a consumer would look like a big bonus so for example you can resize your templates so let’s say you have instagram posts that are 1080 by 1080.

How to Make Money by Selling Canvas Templates
Instagram and other Custom Size

That’s the average and normal size of an instagram feed post but can you resize your instagram posts and make them 1080 by 1920 that would be an instagram story template so all you had to do was resize it and shift some of the elements around but now you have increased the amount of value on your listing even though it didn’t take too much effort for you maybe you can create a product.

How to Make Money by Selling Canvas Templates
all Color Changing Style

Now you’re just repositioning some of the things you can bundle these you can keep them separate you can do both now we’re going to talk about that changing color and font style hack because this is a really awesome way to completely change your product and change the whole aesthetics of it but at the same time you’re offering something that looks like a different product and it’s going to attract different people to your listings.

So you have your product idea you know people are searching for it you know people are selling it successfully and you are brainstorming to think about what you can put in this product to make it even better so your question might be okay how do i get the ball rolling because i’m gonna have zero sales zero reviews on this shop launching so launching is a great way to get an influx of eyeballs on your shop

The way i would suggest doing it is to run a grand opening sale and discount your items significantly so 30 to 50 off just to start getting those conversions etsy likes listings that convert i was able to take my digital product and make it a bestseller within 30 days of launching it because i had an influx of sales so having a big grand opening sale will really help and also if you have the budget

You can also run ads so ads will get your listings visible quicker than if you just relied on organic etsy traffic and seo so run some ads if you have the budget and then after a couple of days just make sure that you’re profiting on your ad budget and if you’re not you can turn off some of those ads and keep the ones on that are actually profiting.

Conclusion –

IIn This article we will be share Full Details tutorial of How to Make Money by Selling Canvas Templates and all Question to generated to selling Canva Templates.

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