How to Make Passport size Photo Free in canva

So today we are going to tell you How to Make Passport size Photo Free in canva, canva is a photo and video editing website, it is used for many things. People who learn photo editing in an early time, and those who do not have complete knowledge, do more canva and should also do it because there are many ready templates available in it, in which you can make your templates by editing a little.

Make Passport Size photo In Canva

Canva is a website with the help of which we can create any photo or video. So today we want to know How to Make Passport size Photo online Free in canva.

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How to make Passport size Photo in Canva

Canva is a free design tool that makes it easy to create professional-looking passport size photos. With features such as drag & drop and access to millions of images, users can quickly create a custom passport photo in just a few clicks. Additionally, Canva’s user-friendly interface makes it simple to edit and customize any design.

Step 1: Open Website or App

Canva is a graphic design platform that allows users to create stunning visuals for web and print publishing. It offers a wide range of templates and tools to create professional-looking designs quickly and easily. With Canva, users can create beautiful visuals for various purposes, such as presentations, social media posts, flyers, banners, and more. It also offers a vast library of visuals and fonts. Canva is a great tool for creating professional-looking visuals for any purpose.

Step 2: Create a Template

How to Make Passport size Photo Free in canva
passport size in canva

Go to Create a design then Custom, and Create a 3*4 cm Template.

Step 3: Remove Photo Background

Go to then Upload your Photo and Remove your background. and Download Yours Without Background Image.

Step 4: Upload the Image

Go to canva Website then Click Upload then Upload you’re Without background image. and Drag and drop in your Blank White Template.

Step 5: Now Crop Your Photo

Cropping a photo is a great way to improve its composition and focus the viewer’s attention on the subject. It can also be used to remove unwanted elements from the frame.

Step 6: Duplicate Your Photo And Set Your Template horizontally and vertically.

How to Make Passport size Photo Free in canva
canva passport size photo

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How to make Passport size Photo In Canva [2023]

Canva is an online design tool that makes it easy to create stunning designs with just a few clicks. It can be used to create passport-size photos with ease.
To create a passport-size photo in Canva, first, select the ‘Passport’ template from the template library. This will open a blank canvas with the size and aspect ratio of a passport photo.
Upload a photo from the computer or the web and adjust it to fit the canvas size. Add frames, background changes, text, and other elements to make the photo look more attractive.
When the photo is ready, export it as a JPEG file and print it. Use photo paper and a high-quality printer to get the best results.
Creating a passport-size photo in Canva is an easy and fun process. With a few clicks, anyone can create a professional-looking passport-size photo.

Conclusion –

In this article, we will show a full tutorial on how to make Passport size Photo Free in canva in easy steps.

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