How to Make Passport size Photos in Photoshop [2023]

Today we will learn what Adobe Photoshop is on the computer, how to download Adobe Photoshop 7.0, how to make passport-size photos in Photoshop 7 step by step, and How to Make Passport size photos in Photoshop, full details of which we will give you step-by-step process are going to tell.

Make a Passport Size Photo

  1. First of all, we need to know whether our computer has Adobe Photoshop 7 software or not and if our computer or laptop does not have Adobe Photoshop software.
  2. Then we have to first install Adobe Photoshop Software, for which we have to download it from the official website of Adobe Company and then install it.
  3. After installing, we have to open Adobe Photoshop, as soon as the software opens, many options will appear in front of us.
  4. Now we have to open that photo by going to Photoshop’s FILE MENU and clicking on OPEN OPTION or by pressing CTRL + O KEY.
  5. We will open the photo whose passport size photo we want to prepare. After the photo is opened, we will have to do many things further, with the help of which passport size photo can be made easily.
  6. After opening the photo in Photoshop 7, we have to go to the Tool Box of Photoshop and then there are many tools in it, out of which we have to select the Crop Tool first, after that we have to select the Size.
  7. For which we have to choose the Width, Height or Resolution of passport size photo, how much size we have to give for Photoshop photo, for which we will also tell you today by putting size in which we can put in CM (cm) and also put in INCH can
  8. Today we will give you the sizes of both here as we have told in the picture that WIDTH – 3.0 , HEIGHT – 3.5 OR RESOLUTION – 250 PX has been put and in inches you can put WIDTH -1.2 IN , HEIGHT – 1.5 IN OR RESOLUTION – 250 PX And you can increase and decrease it according to the size of your photo, as much size as you find PERFECT, you can decrease and increase the WIDTH OR HEIGHT.
  9. After setting the size, we have to select the photo by CROP TOOL and crop it, as soon as the photo is cropped, that photo will come in passport size, after that if we want to remove the background of that photo, we can easily use Magic Tool. For that we can select the Magic Tool and from where we have to remove the background
  10. According to the above instructions, now our passport size photo has been prepared, now to print it, we have to open a new seat i.e. a new page in Photoshop, for which we go to the File Menu of Photoshop and select New Option or by Ctrl+N. we will open a new seat
  11. After opening the seat, we will bring that photo to this seat with the help of Move Tool, as soon as we take the photo on the seat, the selected area will appear around the photo, now if we put more border around our photo If so, we will use Stroke, for which we will have to select Stroke by going to Edit Menu of Photoshop.
  12. After selecting this, we will have an alert box open, where we have to set the size for how much we want to keep the border, for which we have to give pixels, I have given 0.5 Px on it and have chosen Black in Color, you can also change it according to your own. Is.
  13. Now according to the above process, our photo has come on the seat, now we have to make many photos from this one photo, so now we will make more than one photo on the same seat, for that we will use the Move Tool along with the Alt of the keyboard, so that we can copy that photo. Will be ready, in this way we can make more than one photo.
  14. There is another method that allows us to prepare multiple passport-size photos on one seat if we can copy the image using Ctrl + E rather than repeatedly using the Alt Key.

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