How to Print From Canva in 2023

You can create stunning designs with Canva, a well-known online graphic design tool, for everything from social media visuals to marketing collateral. Businesses are eager to print their designs for physical marketing, though, as digital marketing grows. We will talk about “How to Print From Canva” in this article.

It has always been simple to print from Canva, and this will continue in 2023. No matter if you’re designing a business card, a poster, or a marketing brochure, Canva makes it simple to print your creations directly from the site.

How to Print From Canva

So, nowadays there is definitely a night for the printing of every work. For example, it is necessary to print a banner, invitation card, visiting card, etc. for many such works. So we design it in Canvas, but now How to Print From Canva, there are two ways, in which we will decorate you in the sample step.

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Print Your Design in Your Printer (Any Printing Shop)

Step 1: Open or Create Your Design in Canva

Either you have to design your own design or you have to design the design which you want to print.

Step 2: Select the File type

After completing the design, do not click on the “Share” button on the top right side, then do not click on the “Download” button, then do not select “pdf standard” in the file type, because in this file type Printing comes complete.

How to Print From Canva
How to Print From Canva

Step 3: Click Download the File

How to Print From Canva
How to Print From Canva

Step 4: Print your Design

After downloading the file, connect it to your printer or send it to the shop where you want to print and get it printed.

Order Your Design For Print in Canva

Step 1: Open or Create Your Design in Canva

Either you have to design your own design or you have to design the design which you want to print.

Step 2: Click “Shre” >> Click “Print” >> and Select Design

After making the design, you have to click on the “Share” button and then click on “Print”, then on that page, you will be given the option in which format you want to make the new design, on which you can select according to your design. Do it

How to Print From Canva
How to Print From Canva
How to Print From Canva

Step 3: Fill Your Printing Details

Select your Paper Size, Paper type, Paper Finish, and quantity.

How to Print From Canva

Step 4: Pay and Order Print

After filling everything out, pay the address party.

How to Prepare Your Canva Designs for Print

Step 1: Show Margins

I have this canva template that I want to print as a poster the first thing I need to do is go to the file menu and click on that and here you will see the show margins option, let’s click on that, and once you do you see this dashed frame in the middle of your design.

let me just zoom in a little here you see this frame this is not something that is going to appear on your design but what it does is it shows you your safe area for text.

Step 2: Print Bleed

You want your text to be within this frame anything outside this margin might be too risky for your text it doesn’t matter if your elements or photos are outside this margin but you do want to keep your text safe.

So make any adjustments you need and then the second part would be to go back to the file and click on show print bleed what this does it adds a second dashed frame let me zoom in again and what a print bleed means is that this is a safety margin that ensures that there are no white borders in your design.

How to Print From Canva

Step 3: Extend Background

so what canva does do once you click on the print bleed it extends your background just a little bit to keep you safe let me just show you if I undo this and let me zoom in a little let’s take one of the corners just so you can see how it extends okay.

Now take a look here I’m just going to click once again on show print bleed and you see how the background is a little bit extended so if you have a colored background or a photo background it will still show when it’s printed

How to Print From Canva

Step 4: Choose File Type

now the third very important part that you want to do is once you go to download and pick your file type you’ll notice you have two different types of pdf you will always want to use the pdf print for print.

There are two reasons for that the first one is that pdf print will download your design in the highest resolution with 300 dpi while the pdf standard will only have 96 dpi.

The second thing would be that once you click on pdf print you have this crop marks and bleed option that you want to checkmark once you click on that and download your design is ready to be printed.

So now you know exactly where your design will be cut and that’s it you’re good to go two important things that I would like to mention the print bleed dimensions are fixed you cannot adjust them.

So I suggest you check with your printer provider beforehand if they have any specific requests for their bleed and crop marks

Additional Tips

If they do you can always go to the custom dimensions and open a new custom-sized design that includes these bleed margins if you do that you do not need to go to the file menu and show print bleed because you already have those print bleed dimensions one more tip for me after sending your design to your printer provider always check with them that everything is okay and good to go for printing that’s it.

How to Print From Canva to Staples

  1. The Canva design you wish to print should be opened.
  2. In the top right corner of the screen, click the three dots.
  3. From the drop-down option, choose “Download”.
  4. Select the file format, such as PDF or JPG, in which you want to download your design.
  5. On your PC, save the file.
  6. Select “Print & Marketing Services” from the top menu on the Staples website.
  7. Select the printing type you want to use, such as photo or document printing.
  8. Choose your printing options, including paper size, quantity, and color, after uploading your design file.
  9. To finalize your order and pay for your prints, follow the on-screen instructions.
  10. When your order is prepared, you can either pick it up at your neighborhood Staples location or have it delivered.

How to print from Canva for sublimation

  1. Make sure that the design you create in Canva has the proper size and resolution for sublimation printing.
  2. Download your design as a PNG file once it is finished.
  3. Open the PNG file in a program (like Adobe Photoshop or CorelDRAW) that enables you to mirror the image horizontally.
  4. Save the image as a new file after flipping it horizontally.
  5. Using a sublimation printer, print the mirror image onto sublimation paper.
  6. Utilizing heat-resistant tape, adhere the design that was cut out of the sublimation paper to your substrate (such as a t-shirt or mug).
  7. The ink from the sublimation paper will transfer from the paper onto the substrate when heated to the required temperature and pressing time.


With just a few clicks, printing from Canva is an easy and uncomplicated procedure. Canva offers a variety of choices to make sure your design looks its best whether you’re printing it at home or using a professional printing service.

You can quickly How to Print From Canva design for a variety of purposes by following the steps indicated above, from developing marketing materials for your business to printing personalized gifts for your loved ones. Canva is a fantastic tool for producing high-quality graphics that can be printed and shared easily thanks to its user-friendly interface and robust functionality.


Can I print from Canva using my home printer?

Yes, you can easily print from Canva using your home printer.

What is the best paper type to use when printing from Canva?

The best paper type to use depends on your requirements. Gloss

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