Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Full Beginners Guide in 2023

In today’s blog post, we are going to tell you about the Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Full Beginners Guide in 2023, that too step by step-by-step detail guide, if you also want to learn Affiliate Marketing then definitely read this poster of ours.

What is affiliate marketing?

The first thing that I do want to answer just if you are entirely new to affiliate marketing and wondering what the heck this is affiliate marketing is promoting other people’s products in return for a small commission now basically these steps or what ends up looking like let me go over there there we go here.

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Steps to start affiliate marketing on Pinterest

The steps of affiliate marketing there are four different steps when it comes to affiliate marketing to bring it down to simple terms.

Pinterest Affiliate Marketing
  • Join an affiliate program
  • To create content for products that you love
  • Add your unique affiliate link to those products and
  • The user clicks then you get paid now when it comes

Joining affiliate program

There are lots of different affiliate programs that you can join. One of the most common ones is the Amazon Associates program, which allows you to promote any of the products you see inside of Amazon. This is one of the easiest programs to join and is very beginner-friendly.

How to join affiliate programs

That’s why if you’re just getting started, I do recommend starting with Amazon. We’ll talk about some of the pros and cons of the Amazon affiliate program and why some people love it or hate it, but there are thousands of programs that you can join. If you want to join the Amazon Associates program, all you need to do is go to the Amazon Affiliate Programme.

Amazon associate central

Click on Amazon affiliate and you come here to the Amazon associate central.

Pinterest Affiliate Marketing

From here, you can go through and sign up. It’s a very simple process, as you can see, sign up, recommend, and earn. Essentially, what that does is allow you to then go through and create specific links for products, and we’re going to be going over how to do that a little bit later, but other affiliate programs that you can join.


Very popular ShareAsale is a very really good one as well for lots of different merchants and connecting people.

Pinterest Affiliate Marketing


There is impact as well another kind of middleman that connects you to lots of different stores and brands for you to promote their product.

Pinterest Affiliate Marketing is another place where you can go and then also uh just simply Google your favorite product or service and see if they have an affiliate program.

Pinterest Affiliate Marketing

Nike affiliate program

For instance, if we come over here and say that we like shoes and we want to create content-related shoes you could type in Nike affiliate program right here and then you can see okay what is the Nike affiliate program?

Pinterest Affiliate Marketing

As you see I did my homework here to make sure that they had one but you can scroll down and see okay here’s the Nike affiliate program here’s a button for me to apply common faqs.

you can learn about the Nike affiliate program but you can do that for basically any big product or service chances are they do have an affiliate program that you can join

Now back to the Amazon associates program why I do recommend it is because as I mentioned um they have a very low barrier to entry if you wanted to go and join the Nike affiliate program chances are they’re going want to see a track record that you have like an established brand.

You can push traffic and revenue to their website chance the reason why is because they’re so big they just don’t want to waste time with like little players um another example is like.


Wayfair has an application you have to go through and do but I want to talk about the advantages of going through a Wayfarer as opposed to Amazon now for Amazon that’s what I started.

Pinterest Affiliate Marketing

If we come over here to Amazon a lot of things in my Pinterest account that I promote are home improvement and home as you can see here I get a 3 commission they have a promotion right now that allows me to get seven but most of the time I get a three percent commission.

But a lot of those same products or things similar products were in Wayfarer as well so if I went through and joined the Wayfarer affiliate program.

I get there a five to seven percent commission rate so overnight after I hadn’t established traffic and links that were getting sales to Amazon I decided that I wanted to switch a lot of those links over to Wayfair and all of a sudden overnight.

So those are things to think about as you start to build your affiliate program but starting with the Amazon associates is the best way and something that I recommend now that we’ve talked about different options for you to join affiliate programs and start creating your links.

Best Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Add Your Affiliate Link Directly in Pins

There are different strategies that you can use inside Pinterest to start promoting your affiliate links. If we come over here to Pinterest, the very first strategy is putting your affiliate links directly into the pins.

Step 1: We go to create, and we want to create a pin.

Pinterest Affiliate Marketing

Step 2: Go and add the image that we wanted to promote this little plant decor thing. This is not the greatest pin.

Pinterest Affiliate Marketing

Step 3: Go to the Amazon Affiliate Programme and Make a Product Link.

Pinterest Affiliate Marketing

Step 4: Go back over to Pinterest and add Pest’s URL.

Pinterest Affiliate Marketing

If you are doing this strategy, you will want to read the affiliate marketing program’s roles and regulations very carefully because some allow you to link affiliate links into the pin directly.

Idea Pins + Link In Bio

The second tactic uses idea pins that are sent to a link tree builder. Using this technique, you can present a variety of affiliate link products. While idea pins frequently contain scrollable graphics or videos, regular pins let you add a link straight to the pin.

Although the link tree builder has options for titles, boards, and particular topics, adding a straight connection is not a possibility. This is where this tactic is useful.

In a video advertising cool home gadgets, this tactic is demonstrated in practice. A description or link in the bio after the video, which is an affiliate program, points viewers to the item in the video. This enables users to find the product they’re looking for by clicking the link in the bio.

Link trees can be made using a variety of tools, such as Solo. to, which has an analytics subscription price of about $6. Another example is Rachel, who looks through and evaluates different Amazon products, makes little films describing the product or service and then links to her Amazon store where she can find the goods for particular items. The user receives a commission if she clicks on the item.

As a result, you can use this method to combine the advantages of making pins with the practicality of having a link tree without having to create a whole website. You can develop an effective and profitable link tree approach by utilizing resources like Solo. to and Rachel’s example.

Sending Traffic to Website

The third tactic entails creating pins with links to your website or blog. One of the greatest strategies for affiliate marketing is this one because it enables you to scale up and manage traffic to your affiliate website. The six-pack power tools for beginners and the Pinterest link in bio strategies are both beneficial, but having a blog should be the main objective.

The “easy DIY kitchen” blog article, which includes links to materials and equipment, serves as an example of how to employ this tactic. Given that it only pays out $160 for each click and that many links are being moved to other affiliate programs that pay out bigger sums, the Amazon Associates program can be difficult to use.

Adding affiliate connections to products, producing valuable content, and user testing are three different approaches that should be used. When engaging in affiliate marketing, it’s critical to keep in mind that nothing needs to be flawless, so start promoting content and experimenting.

The capacity to scale up and control traffic is one of the advantages of affiliate marketing, along with greater traffic and control over traffic. However, it’s essential to concentrate on creating a blog and marketing material that benefits readers.

Pros and Cons of Affiliate Marketing

A passive and simple method of content monetization without a product is affiliate marketing. It may be a cheap approach to expand your audience and your content. Affiliate marketing can have some drawbacks, though, like being competitive because it’s passive and has a low entry barrier.

Pinterest Affiliate Marketing

You don’t have control over the Pinterest affiliate marketing programs, which can change quickly. Last year, Amazon cut its affiliate commissions, causing a significant loss of income for many affiliates. If you’re doing affiliate marketing right and adding value, it may take time to get your first sale.

However, the process is fun and addictive, as the feeling of passive income increases as you start seeing the money coming in. It can be a longer journey than selling your product, but it’s a lower cut of the revenue compared to selling your product.

In summary, affiliate marketing is a passive and easy way to grow content without a product. It can be a low-cost way to monetize content without a product, and the sky is the limit as your content grows. However, it’s important to remember that it can be a longer journey and that the revenue is lower compared to selling your product.


If you also do Pinterest Affiliate Marketing and you want to know some tips and strategies in this, then you got a lot of information in this blog post like which affiliate programs you should use and how to use them.

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